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Are you seeking the best paint protection film for your car in Henrico, VA? STEK paint protection film at Astonishing Detail, is a great destination for expert ppf installation. Astonishing Details has high-qualified team to protect your vehicle! Call us to book an appointment today!

Paint protection film in Henrico, VA: What is it?

Car paint protection film (PPF) or clear bra is a specialized and transparent film applied to the exterior to shield the paintwork from various forms of damage. The film forms a protective barrier against common hazards encountered on the road, such as stone chips, scratches, insect splatters, and harsh weather conditions. Car paint protection film is designed to be nearly invisible, preserving the car’s original appearance while providing an extra layer of defense. The film’s self-healing properties allow minor scratches and swirl marks to vanish over time with exposure to heat or warmth, maintaining the car’s flawless finish.

STEK Paint Protection Film

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STEK paint protection film (PPF) is an advanced automotive solution that provides an invisible shield, protecting your car’s exterior from scratches, stone chips, and environmental damage. Its self-healing properties ensure minor marks vanish with heat, while its durability guarantees long-lasting clarity. Enjoy your ride worry-free with STEK PPF’s seamless, contour-conforming protection.

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Paint Protection Film


Partial hood, Partial Fenders, Full Front Bumper, Mirrors, Headlights.

Starting At $ 1995


Paint Protection Film


Full hood, Full Fenders, Full Front Bumper, Mirrors, Headlights.

Starting At $ 2495


Paint Protection Film


Full hood, Full fenders, Full front bumper, Mirrors, Rocker panels.

Starting At $ 6995


Paint Protection Film


Bumper to Bumper Coverage.

Starting At $ 6995


How Can Paint Protection Film Protect Your Car?

Paint protection film is a high-quality paint protection for protecting your vehicle in top-notch shape. Here are three key advantages of ppf

Superior Protection

STEK paint protection film protects against road debris, stone chips, scratches, and harsh elements. Its high-quality material ensures long-lasting defense for a car’s exterior, preserving its original paintwork.

Self-Healing Technology

Minor swirl marks and light scratches disappear with exposure to heat or warmth, thanks to the self-healing properties of STEK paint protection film.

UV and Chemical Resistance

The film’s resistance to UV rays and chemicals prevents paint fading and discoloration, keeping the car looking fresh and new.


Can PPF be applied to any part of the car?

PPF can be applied to exterior surfaces, including the hood, fenders, bumpers, mirrors, and door edges. At Astonishing Detail, we offer packages ranging from partial front, full front, track pack to full vehicle. STEK paint protection film at Astonishing Detail offers the best paint protection in Henrico, VA.

Is PPF visible on the car's surface?

Yes. STEK PPF is meticulously engineered to be nearly invisible on the car’s surface. When expertly installed, it seamlessly adheres to the vehicle, preserving its original appearance and allowing the color and design to shine without any discernible changes. With this virtually imperceptible layer of protection, your car can maintain its sleek and flawless look while benefiting from the added defense against various external elements.

How long does paint protection film last?

The lifespan of PPF (Paint Protection Film) is contingent upon several factors, including the film’s quality and its installation’s precision. When opting for a reputable and high-quality brand like STEK, car owners can expect their PPF to endure for a considerable period. With proper care and regular maintenance, STEK’s premium PPF can sometimes protect for up to 5-10 years or even longer.

Paint Protection Film


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