Ceramic Coating Service in Richmond and Henrico, VA

Are you looking for the best ceramic coating in Henrico, VA to protect your vehicle? Look no further than CS 11 and Opticoat ceramic coatings at Astonishing Detail! Schedule an appointment with us by calling us at +1 804-288-1515!

Ceramic Coatings

When it comes to ceramic coating, we are the experts.

Our premium ceramic coatings create an invisible shield, providing a sleek and glossy finish. Formulated with high-quality SiO2 and TiO2, these coatings safeguard your car’s paint from harmful elements such as tar, iron, and water spots that can lead to damage. At Astonishing Detail, we use high-quality ceramic coating from CS 11 and Opticoat ceramic coatings.

About CS-II Ceramic Coating

CS-II Ceramic coating is a top-class coating when it comes to protecting and enhancing the appearance of your vehicle. This advanced coating forms a durable and transparent layer on the paint surface, providing long-lasting defense against environmental contaminants, UV rays, and hairline scratches. With CS-II Ceramic coating, your car has hydrophobic properties to make water and dirt effortlessly slide off, ensuring easy maintenance and a consistently clean look. Trust CS-II Ceramic coating to elevate your car’s aesthetics and shield it from the harsh elements.

About Opticoat Ceramic Coating

Opticoat Ceramic Coating is a revolutionary solution for automotive paint protection. With its advanced formulation, Opticoat provides an exceptionally durable and glossy finish that lasts for years. Ceramic coating forms a protective layer shielding it from harsh environmental contaminants, UV rays, oxidation, and chemical damage. Opticoat Ceramic coating offers protection and aesthetics, ensuring your vehicle stays in impeccable condition for an extended period.

See Our Ceramic Coating In Action

Ceramic coatings are an excellent choice for shielding your car from the harmful effects of environmental contaminants. Having a ceramic coating applied on your car will benefit you and your vehicle in the long run.

Hydrophobic Properties

Ceramic coatings create a hydrophobic barrier, repelling water and preventing contaminants from bonding to the surface. It makes your car easier to clean and maintain, as dirt, grime, and water slide off effortlessly.

UV Ray Protection

Ceramic coatings protect against harmful UV rays, minimizing the risk of paint fading, oxidation, and damage caused by prolonged sun exposure. It helps maintain the vibrant color and integrity of your vehicle’s paintwork.

High Gloss Finish

Applying ceramic coating delivers a deep, lustrous gloss to your car’s surface. It enhances the visual appeal by protecting the paint’s clarity, depth, and reflection, giving your vehicle a showroom-worthy shine that lasts for years.


How is ceramic coating different from wax or sealants?

Ceramic coating is distinct from traditional wax or sealants in terms of durability and longevity. While wax and sealants offer temporary protection that lasts for a few months, ceramic coating forms a semi-permanent bond with the paint surface. It provides a stronger and long-lasting shield against environmental contaminants, UV rays, and chemical damage.

Does ceramic coating eliminate the need for regular washing?

While ceramic coating simplifies the cleaning process, it does not eliminate the need for regular washing. While the hydrophobic properties of the coating make it easier to remove dirt and grime, it is still essential to maintain a regular washing routine to keep the coating and the vehicle in optimal condition. Frequent washing helps remove surface contaminants and maintains the coating’s effectiveness.

How long does a ceramic coating last?

Ceramic coatings are known for their durability. On average, a high-quality ceramic coating can last anywhere from two to five years, depending on factors such as the quality of the coating, maintenance routine, and environmental conditions. Regular maintenance and periodic inspections can prolong its longevity.

Ceramic coating at Astonishing Detail in Henrico, VA, we offers CS-II and Opticoat ceramic coating with long-lasting and lotus effects. Take your vehicle to 2501 Grenoble Road, Henrico, Virginia 23294, or before coming to our shop, call us at +1 804-288-1515 to book an appointment! Our expert team will protect your car in pristine condition with our high-quality ceramic coating.